N. Hassan Interview @ Cradle Fund

July 15, 2013 in JWEF Newsfeed.

This interview was realized during JWEF Malaysia 2013 Official Launch event on July the 2nd at INTI International University & Colleges, Kuala Lumpur.

JWEF Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2013

1.0 Who are you? What do you do? How does your organization help out entrepreneurs?

Nazrin Hassan is the CEO of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd. Cradle is an agency under the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia (MOF). With the Cradle Investment Programme, Cradle aim to create an ecosystem that supports a strong and innovative business-building environment for technology entrepreneurs.

2.0 What is your definition of being an entrepreneur?

Nazrin portrayed as someone who is wise and a realist. He define entrepreneur as someone who has an entrepreneurial mindset. Someone who is able to think creatively in terms of coming out with solutions, overcoming obstacles and someone who must be able to persevere in every difficult situation.

3.0 How do you support the growth of entrepreneurship in our society on a personal level?

Out of his busy schedule as a CEO of Cradle, he humbles himself and takes time to mentor entrepreneurs. Every weekend, between 4pm to 6pm, he will make himself accessible to every entrepreneur to meet up and discuss ideas. During the meet up session, he will discuss ideas and help entrepreneur to improve on it. Apart from that, he also helps entrepreneur access funding or introducing someone who could at least help them to improve on their ideas. He loves helping entrepreneurs because he loves to see the “burning passion” of them and that keep him fresh.

4.0 What are the 3 main traits that you would want to develop among the younger generations to become entrepreneurs?

Creativity is one of the traits that Nazrin wants to develop among the younger generations to become entrepreneurs. According to Nazrin, when someone is creative, he is able to “see problems in a different angle” and know how to solve it. Second trait he would like to develop is persistence. He mentions that “in everything we do, we will face problems and failures but those who are persistent and keep finding ways to improve will always succeed”. The third trait is networking. Not just in Malaysia but around the world. His advice to entrepreneurs is to build a global community.

5.0 Do you think Malaysian youths have what it takes to become global entrepreneurs and why? Can you provide 2 Top Reasons?

“Absolutely” said Nazrin when been ask whether Malaysian youths have what it takes to become global entrepreneurs. He mentioned that Malaysian people are born to respect other culture well because of the culture in Malaysia which is multi-racial. Therefore, Malaysians are able to interact with other culture around the world. Nazrin said that there are many Malaysian who migrate to other country and become successful. He said that, there is no difference between those who migrated and those who stay in Malaysia because they are all brought up in the same environment. What distinguishes them is the global network.

6.0 What should Malaysian youths do in order to become global entrepreneurs? Can you propose your Top 2 Tips?

Having global network and entrepreneurial mind set are the two tips that Nazrin proposed in order for Malaysian youths to become global entrepreneurs. His advice to Malaysian youths is to attend forum like JWEF to get to know more people and learn from everyone.


Interviewed and written by: Desmond Cheong

Desmond Cheong is currently the final year student in INTI International College Subang pursuing his degree in Finance under the University of Hertfordshire programme. His passion in becoming an entrepreneur led him to move out from his comfort zone and learn from other entrepreneurs. In developing his entrepreneurial mindset, he constantly taking up responsibilities in projects and go to as many workshops or forum just to meet, network and learn from those aspiring entrepreneurs.

About INTI International University and Colleges (INTI)

Spanning across Central, North and East Malaysia, INTI International University and Colleges was founded over 25 years ago and is a leading provider of quality education, among which includes the subject on Entrepreneurship. Over the years, they have formed solid ties with top tier universities and key industry to ensure that the right skill and winning spirit in the graduates. A key differentiator at INTI is that our students are part of the world’s largest operator of private universities, Laureate International Universities.

About Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd.

Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle), an agency under the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia (MOF) is a not-for- profit organisation that manages the RM100 million Cradle Investment Programme since its inception in 2003. They aim to encourage, support, stimulate and nurture the development of Malaysian entrepreneurship in ICT, bio-technology and life sciences, material sciences and high growth technology industries, and the generation of ideas for an innovative knowledge-based society and economy.

About the Chairman of JWEF, Malaysia Chapter

Michael Teoh Su Lim is passionate about developing the potentials of young people to succeed, through his role as a certified trainer and speaker for youths internationally. He is the co-curator of TEDxKL in Malaysia and the Hon. Advisor in ‘Youth & Economic Affairs’ to the World Youth Parliament in Switzerland. He has worked with organisations from Governments, Companies and NGOs across 25 countries in the fields of Talent Development, Humanitarian and Environmental work. He is a columnist with Malaysia’s New Straits Times newspaper on topics related towards Personal Excellence. He has been recognized in the Malaysia Book of Records, PRESTIGE Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 and as the National Youth Icon by the Prime Minister for his contributions towards youth development. He studied in New Zealand, majoring in Marketing & International Business, before furthering his studies in ‘Entrepreneurship’ programmes in Stanford University, USA and INSEAD, Singapore.

About the Project Director of JWEF, Malaysia Chapter, Mallory Loone Li Mei

Mallory Loone Li Mei has developed a reputation for being a young leader in her active social community involvements. Inspired to be a role-model for youth and women, Mallory invested her time, participating and leading initiatives like TEDxKL, Young Corporate Malaysians (YCM) and AIESEC (The world’s largest youth organisation) during her university days, all devoted to create positive impact in the lives of others. She frequently attends workshops led by world renowned thinkers and professionals, as she knows that learning and personal development is a never ending journey. Passionate about Entrepreneurship, she believes that youths should be equipped with the entrepreneurial spirit no matter which career they embark in and find


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