Promote and Accelerate Youth Entrepreneurship – About the JWEF

The Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum (JWEF) is a global initiative derived from the World Entrepreneurship Forum. Our mission is to promote and accelerate youth entrepreneurship globally.


The World Entrepreneurship Forum

In 2008, the World Entrepreneurship Forum was created by EMLYON Business School and KPMG France.

One main belief: in front of the current main disruptive changes the world is facing, entrepreneurship, creating both wealth and social justice, is key for shaping the world of 2050. Our mission is to promote and accelerate entrepreneurship around the world.

The uniqueness of the World Entrepreneurship Forum is to gather all key actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem: entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, service providers, experts, academics, politicians, all chosen for their entrepreneurial impact and commitment to society.

After 5 years of existence, the World Entrepreneurship Forum has become an established global forum and a worldwide selected community, supported by strong organizations, beside EMLYON and KPMG :

Our partners to promote and accelerate youth entrepreneurship


The JWEF : Promote and Accelerate Youth Entrepreneurship globally

The JWEF aims at contributing to the World Entrepreneurship Forum’s mission: “Promote and Accelerate Junior Entrepreneurship globally as a way to create wealth and social justice, to prepare the world of 2050”.

By promoting JWEF, the World Entrepreneurship Forum brings the youth vision to the global reflection on entrepreneurship.

The Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum consists of:

1. Local or national events held all over the world, gathering young people (students and young entrepreneurs) with various backgrounds (management, arts, engineer…). The events can be hosted either by World Entrepreneurship Forum’s regional chapters or appointed by the World Entrepreneurship Forum management team.

The event will focus on creating the youth vision about some specific topics discussed within the World Entrepreneurship Forum. The event can last 2 to 4 days, and our objective is to promote and accelerate youth entrepreneurship through inspirational talks, impacting workshops and networking sessions.

2. A Global Online platform. Students and young entrepreneurs from every countries gather all year long through a collaborative online platform, offering a place where to connect, learn, get ideas and collaborate on projects. JWEF participants are allowed to access this platform and are expected to contribute to the online exchanges.

3.  The various local JWEF teams’ representatives will physically gather during the World Entrepreneurship Forum’s annual global meeting. 2 delegates/ JWEF will share their ideas and insights with the global World Entrepreneurship Forum’s community. Learn more about how to organize a JWEF.

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