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What Investors Look For Part 2 : A Good Business Plan

August 24, 2013 in Financial Skills, JWEF Newsfeed, Tips - No Comment

EntreCity After seeing that there is a strong integrated team on board, the next important thing potential investors and VCs will look for is the quality of the plan, and hence, the quality of the business plan. The business plan is an important document that captures your thought process and your understanding of the business, [...]


Sci0039 – What Investors Look For Part 3? Getting Into Details

July 24, 2013 in Financial Skills, JWEF Newsfeed - No Comment

This article is proposed by EntreCity. In our last article we wrote about how important it is to investors to see a strong business plan. We spoke about certain key areas that they look for, namely: opportunities, threats, market size and market share, customers, marketing strategy, competitors, suppliers, risk analysis, financial plan, and cash flow. [...]

tom's shoes

Toms Shoes’ Self-Feeding Business Model

April 6, 2013 in Financial Skills, JWEF Newsfeed, Stories - No Comment

Toms Shoes was founded by Blake Mycoskie on the basis that compassion and giving could make difference. After a trip to Argentina, during which Mycoksie witnessed abject poverty (and a large number of shoeless children), he set out to build a company that not only sold Argentine alpargata-designed shoes, but one that would donate one shoe for every one [...]


Bootstrapping your way on the business highway

March 17, 2013 in Financial Skills - No Comment

Failure has a wonderful capacity to reveal opportunities that otherwise remain hidden. Disastrous ‘A’ Level results in 1984  forced me to take a gap year. Whilst I envied friends destined for university, part of me delighted in the chance to step off the education treadmill. Suddenly I was making choices, dealing with consequences and relying [...]


Ca-re-ful cost management for startups

March 17, 2013 in Financial Skills - No Comment

Salespeople regularly offered me lifts back in the eighties. It’s fair to say I enjoyed the banter and their cars went faster too. London bound, one bright weekday morning, I was hitching a lift onto the M1 when a passing car jammed on its brakes and pulled over ahead of me onto the empty slip [...]


Figuring out Pricing

March 17, 2013 in Financial Skills, JWEF Newsfeed - No Comment

Many start-ups wrongly copy the hitch hiker when it comes to pricing. An outstretched thumb works by the road, but a finger in the air almost always plucks financially flawed figures. Pricing products or services (especially the first time) isn’t easy, but considered calculation based on key principles can make all the difference between business [...]