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Mentor’s Thoughts: Waves After Waves Of Positive Energy

August 27, 2013 in JWEF Newsfeed, Leadership, Startbook, Stories - No Comment

It takes a lot of positivity, mental and emotional balance to do what entrepreneurs do(and to succeed at it well). There will be many ups and downs in the journey, but that should not have a negative impact on the product or your customers. Build a positive frame of mind and use that to nurture [...]

team makes the difference

A Good Team Makes The Difference

July 18, 2013 in Leadership - No Comment

This article is brought to you by Entrecity.com. Team dynamics plays a crucial role in the development of a company. How well the team works with each other can make or break the team. Investors look at this aspect very closely, because it is something that can carry the team to success or drown them [...]


Start now and value the journey

July 18, 2013 in Leadership - No Comment

This article is brought to you by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Entrepreneurship. Key Learning Points. Always be open to ideas and activities and use your initiative to start new things. Be aware of the crippling effect of habitual behaviour and instead be honest with yourself and embrace the learning value of failure. “Entrepreneurship often happens when people [...]


Selecting information on the web

April 6, 2013 in Leadership - No Comment

With so much content being created each day… It’s getting difficult to find the most valuable information; not just the latest news or the most popular, but news that brings us inspiration that can help get us outside of our daily routine. Here are some of my favorites, including a brief explanation of what each offers [...]


Story : G. Gauthereau about FAILURE

April 6, 2013 in JWEF Newsfeed, Leadership, Stories - No Comment

Inability to scale, outsourcing, and customer acquisition costs are among the many challenges entrepreneurs face within the first few years of a startup’s operations. A 2012 University of Tennesseestudy revealed that 25% of startups failed in their first year, 36% failed in their second year, and 44% failed in their third year. With my second startup, [...]


The POWER of Meditation

April 6, 2013 in Leadership - No Comment

When’s the last time you did nothing? No thinking. No TV. No work. There are 148 hours in the week: How often do you take 10 minutes of your day to connect with yourself? Most of us work so hard and are so committed to our careers, friends and family we never take the time [...]


Learn how to organize effective meetings

March 17, 2013 in Leadership - No Comment

Once upon a business life I self-published a ‘book’ for the caravanning market. Knowing little about these boxes on wheels and kidding myself the product was half-decent, I led a telesales department (me) and phoned UK caravan outlets in search of volume purchases. Remarkably, a Bristol-based company took interest. Excited by the response from the [...]


How to play the Business Dating Game

March 17, 2013 in Leadership - No Comment

This article is accompanied by a warning. Networking is a very important activity for people running start-up businesses, but it can kill you! Worry not; there’s no evidence of widespread use of semi-automatics at events,  nor are consultants known for popping poisonous pills into pints. However, there are some well-meaning people out there who regularly [...]


How to FAIL your pitch to investors

March 17, 2013 in JWEF Newsfeed, Leadership - No Comment

As part of Global Enterprise Week 2012, I was invited to talk to students at Oaklands College about the art of pitching. Rather than provide environmentally unfriendly handouts on the day (paper that inevitably finds its way into the ’round-file’) I suggested to the tutor (Paul Kirikal) that I offer the 10 top tips within this Blog. But [...]