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September 17, 2013 in JWEF Newsfeed.

The time has come ! After one year, hundreds of hours spent by Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum teams around the world to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in their cities, the Junior Delegates will gather in Singapore during the World Entrepreneurship Forum, 6th edition.

WEF Singapore


1. Sharing best practices about junior entrepreneurship

Junior Delegates – a selection of students from the local JWEF teams – will gather in Singapore from Oct. 29th to Nov. 2nd 2013. Coming from Malaysia, Chile, China, France, Singapore, Argentina… they will bring the best entrepreneurial ideas and learnings collected during the local Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum event.

One goal : making the voice of junior entrepreneurs heard on a global level, to make it easier to be a young entrepreneur & inspire youths to take action.

They will craft together a White Paper, a yearly selection of the best practices in junior entrepreneurship around the world. This White Paper will shed light on the concrete evolution of junior entrepreneurship in 2013, and will be shared among the Think Tank community of the World Entrepreneurship Forum for further mediatization and impact.

The White Paper will gather all the best entrepreneurial ideas and practices discovered during the local JWEF events around the world this year. It will complement the work of the World Entrepreneurship Forum by providing an insight into junior entrepreneurship evolution in 2013.


2. Connecting with mentors from the World Entrepreneurship Forum

The Junior Delegation will be able to connect and take part to the think tank sessions during the World Entrepreneurship Forum. Those young leaders will interact with the selective Think Tank community, to create joint initiatives and benefit from the experience of seasoned entrepreneurs.

This year the discussions will be centered on “Entrepreneurs : navigating change for sustainable growth”. Junior Delegates will bring their vision to the international dialog. A dedicated session will enable the youths to share with the global audience their conclusions, ideas and possible needs for support from the community.



3. Shaping the action plan for 2014

During two days, and under the supervision of dedicated mentors from the community, the JWEF Delegates will design a new plan of action for JWEF to keep growing in 2014 and sustain itself.

Last year’s resolutions  led to the implementation of an improved coordination for JWEF, to support the development of additional local events around the world. As wished and designed in Lyon, France during the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2012, a global platform was also created to enable smooth coordination, connection and action of the community : jwef.org

This year the JWEF Delegates will work together again to share their feedback on this years achievements. A plan for 2014 will be designed to improve impact and make the JWEF initiative sustainable on the long run.

The 2014 Plan will be presented to the World Entrepreneurship Forum’s audience, to get feedback and global support from the community senior members ! Improving the online presence, tightening the bonds of communities through entrepreneurial activities, adding innovative activities to the JWEF events, ensuring more impact through business indicators, … a lot more is to come !

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