Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum Shanghai 2013 Edition

JWEF Shanghai

JWEF Shanghai was there, find out more :

This year, you have been able to follow JWEF Shanghai 2013 Live from www.jwef.org and on the facebook global and local page. Below are some photographs and quotes, soon videos for the talks will be available as well as the White Paper of Shanghai 2013, full of recommendations to share to the world from Chinese best practices.

n°1. “Getting your first client is important, but how you reinvest your first money will make the difference.”

n°2. “China is the best place to be for an entrepreneur”

n°3. “Dream your life and live your dreams”

n°4. “You always start from ZERO, but with 100% energy !”

n°5. “People think it’s copying… We think it’s improving”

n°6. “My dream for China is Reduce pollution, improve health and promote education”

JWEF Shanghai !


The 2013 Shanghai Edition: June 15 & 16 @ East China Normal University

Location of JWEF Shanghai 2013 Edition:

East China Normal University (ECNU)
3663 North Zhongshan Road
200062 Shanghai

Subway Station:
Jinshajiang Road (line 13)
Zhongshan Park (line 2 + Bus line 765)

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Inspiring talks: The programme !

We are happy to gather entrepreneurs, academics & students from top ranked business schools !

Saturday 15th of June: Navigating growth in the financial, market & sustainable sphères

Richard Brubaker – Market and Social Sustainability: Erasing the Incompatibility Myth
If you thought social sustainability was reserved for do-gooders, take a seat. M. Brubaker is here to discuss the way these two influence each other and how entrepreneurs might use their meeting point to be the change they want to see in society, and in their bank account.

Linn Zhou – Your Baby is Growing up Fast – or is it?
M. Zhou will provide you with the best financial advice so as the lovechild to grow into a strong company. He will also provide insights on emerging challenges in the Chinese economy.

Patrick Berbon – Financial sustainability in China –a Venture Capitalist’s point of view
M. Berbon will expose all of the financial issues you might experience as a budding entrepreneur, from the flip side of the coin. Keep your friends close, your venture capitalists closer.

Mehdi Bedadi – In the Shoes of an IT Entrepreneur: Lessons Learned
M. Bedadi will be closing our morning with a retelling of his journey as an entrepreneur. Ten lessons to be learned, ten problems solved – time for action.

Sunday 16th of June: Innovating for the Chinese market – social, technological, positioning issues

Jason Inch – What Does the China Dream Mean for Sustainability?
This talk will help you explore the basis of the “China Dream”. In between cultural understandings and sustainable endeavors, your thoughts will be shift so fast, you won’t even have time to tweet.

Oscar Ramos – How can Entrepreneurs Innovate to Answer the Social Demands in China?
With an ever-growing population and a large increase in GDP, China will be facing large social demands, and it cannot go at it alone. Entrepreneurs will be key in facing these issues and M. Ramos is here to explain how.

Julien Bares – Where is the Innovation in the Chinese technology Industry?
M. Bares, specialized in the gaming industry, will speak about the opportunities young entrepreneurs are able to seize in the decade to come. Filling gaps and exploiting technological goldmines are on the menu.

Milad Nouri – How Might an Entrepreneur Today Differentiate his Innovation from other Products in the Market?
Following on innovation and entering specifics, this talk will inform you on tactics you can use so as to tailor your innovation, to your market, your investors and yours rivals.

More information on our Speakers here.


JWEF Shanghai 2013

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