JWEF China Hangzhou 2013

19th to 20th of April 2013, Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum, or JWEF, was held in Zhejiang University, international conference center. As a global initiative derived from the World Entrepreneurship Forum, JWEF aims at support and encourage junior entrepreneurs all over the globe, and bring a junior and youth perspective to the topics and discussions of the World Entrepreneurship Forum.

As a founding member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, Zhejiang University School of Management has always contributed to educate students with the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, globalization and responsibility. With the support of the Zhejiang School of Management, students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) from the school organized the forum with the help of Zhejiang University MBA association. More than three hundred participants including young entrepreneurs, students and university professors attended this forum and all the activities were live broadcasted through Sina Weibo.

JWEF : Talks and Roundtables, Workshops, Pitch Competition.

The first day of JWEF consisted of three parts: Opening ceremony with guest speaking and roundtable in the morning, workshop and elevator pitch competition in the afternoon, and social networking cocktail in the evening. The second day is focus on the White Paper discussion and the future development of JWEF in China.

JWEF officially started with the commencement speech of professor Yin from Zhejiang University School of Management. Two guest speakers, Professor Chen Lin, Associate Dean of School of Management, and Li, Jianhua, CEO of WENSIL Group gave speeches from their own perspective on the topic of Start new venture with small assets.

Professor ChenLin just came back from Singapore when he arrived for his speech. Due to the delay of flight, he only slept for a few hours, but this did prevent him from giving a wonderful speech, which aroused warm round of applause among the audience.

As a preacher and a promoter of silk culture in Hangzhou, Mr. Li shared with young entrepreneurs the story of his corporate venture from the viewpoint of silk and Chinese culture. His witty speech was welcomed by waves of applauds and laughers from audiences.

In the roundtable discussion, Chai Hong, Deputy General Secretary of Zhejiang Young Entrepreneur Association, Fang Yi, Founder and CEO of Everyday Tech, Yang Minping, founder of Super Class and Yao Zheng, Director of Accounting and Finance Department of Zhejiang University School of Management interacted closely with audiences and tried to solve the confusion of entrepreneurship from their own experience. In some disputed topics, there were heated debates between those guests.

JWEF Workshops in Hangzhou

The workshop in the afternoon was divided into four groups with different focuses. This session received enormous popularity and attracted more than a hundred participants including young managers, young entrepreneurs, teachers and students from all sectors, the original workshop venues even had to be extended so more people can participate. Cross-sectional interaction and exchange of opinions was happening among experienced entrepreneurs, knowledgeable professors, artists from Academy of Arts who are starting their own ventures, and foreign students interested in entrepreneurship. During an hour, participants in four workshops started discussions with studying four different cases, and professor Mark from Netherland went from workshop to workshop to listen, coordinate and give his own opinions and suggestions. Afterwards, representatives from four workshops got together and presented their reports and shared their findings.

Besides, sophisticated and experienced investor, the chairman of the board of Jiuding Group joined JWEF despite his extremely tight schedule and held a lecture to exchange his views and ideas with the participants. During the lecture, Mr. Yu shared his know-hows in investments with young managers and entrepreneurs and demonstrated his understanding of starting new business with small assets, from which the participants learned a lot.

JWEF 2013 Pitch Competition in Hangzhou

Pitch Competition, joined by Chen Mengyue, Xiang Jianbiao, Cai Wei and Yu Shaojun, four star investors, is the hottest session of the day. Over 200 teams applied through @ZJU GEP official Weibo and after a series of strict selections, the top 12 teams presented their business ideas in front of the four investors. Although be exposed to various business models and ideas all the time, the investors were still inspired and amazed by some of the ideas of the candidates. Chen Mengyue, Chairman of the board of Zhejiang Zheshang Venture Capital, noted that it was challenging and respectable for young people to design and develop business ideas like this and a bigger platform would help facilitate their ventures.

Finally, an EMBA student Lu Xinchuan Get the championship,the second prize goes to Shengting, a 16 years old young girl, and Liu Ning from zhejiang University got the third prize.

In the evening, organizers of JWEF arranged a networking cocktail event for guests and participants. In a nice and relaxing atmosphere, young entrepreneurs from all over China got the opportunity to communicate with the guests and understand each other.

Pictures from Hangzhou JWEF 2013 Edition

More about the white paper and recommendations will be available soon.

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