Organizing a JWEF : download the plug&play pack

Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum


You want to join the growing community of the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum ?  You believe that entrepreneurship can help build better societies ? You want to create impact in your city by inspiring juniors, sharing knowledge and making your voice be heard ? You’ll love reading the following lines about organizing a Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum (JWEF) :


What is a Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum (JWEF) ?

  • JWEF stands for Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum. We belief in Entrepreneurship creating “Wealth & Social Justice”.
  • Organizing a JWEF : 2 or 3 days “forum” dedicated to entrepreneurship, usually in a university
  • Objective 1 : inspire students and share the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Objective 2 : share knowledge and tips from junior entrepreneurs
  • Objective 3 : shape recommendations and act to accelerate entrepreneurship

Learn more about what Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum (JWEF) teams are doing all around the world right now.


What does organizing a JWEF looks like ?

  • Talks : energizing shots of entrepreneurial experience. Stories and tips from inspiring local entrepreneurs.
  • Workshops : real venture cases to help the entrepreneurs. Brainstorming session to contribute to the global World Entrepreneurship Forum‘s reflexion.
  • Pitches : junior world entrepreneurship forum participants team up and present work of the day to a profesional jury. It’s you time to shine, create impact, and make your voice be heard.

Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum team



How to organize a JWEF ?

  • Check on the website if there is already a team in your city, and join them !
  • If not, check out the documents below to learn more about organizing a Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum (JWEF)
  • Make up a team in your university (Msc, MBA)
  • Contact us to organize a JWEF
  • Send us a presentation of your project
  • We’ll review you project and go on with organization !


Download the Plug&Play pack to organize a JWEF :


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