RWEF 2013 – Rural World Entrepreneurship Forum 2013

May 30, 2013 in JWEF Newsfeed.

RWEF 2013

RWEF 2013 – Rural Entrepreneurship Milestone

RWEF 2013 (the Rural World Entrepreneurship Forum) is held in Baramati – India.

Successes in rural entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship will be showcased. Rural entrepreneurs are beginning to reap the expected benefits of economic growth, and improve the standards of living in rural areas. The bottom of the puramid in particular benefits from the wealth and social justice that rural entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs can create.

The Rural World Entrepreneurship Forum (RWEF 2013) will demonstrate that “it is posible to serve the world’s poor, profitably”.

RWEF 2013 – Topics around Rural Entrepreneurship

Rural entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, Indian corporations, international NGOs, development agencies, governments will join the debate to adress the following topics around rural entrepreneurship.

  • Inclusive Growth – Need of the Hour
  • Government Efforts in Promoting Rural Entrepreneurship
  • Vast economic and social potential of Rural Markets
  • Business Potential at the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Sector specific Rural Entrepreneurship
  • Funding for Social and Rural Enterprises
  • ICT in Rural Entrepreneurship

RWEF 2013 – Promoting and Accelerating Rural Entrepreneurship

Promoting Rural Entrepreneurship : experts and practitioners from NGOs, corporations, government agiencies, social entrepreneurs and rural entrepreneurs will talk. Experts and practitioners are the best resource to promote Rural Entrepreneurship and prove how Rural Entrepreneurs can create economic growth and social justice. A social media team will share those talks and interactions on a global scale, through live video broadcast of RWEF 2013, and live feed of social news on twitter #RWEF, facebook, and this website. Objective is to promote Rural Entrepreneurship.

Learning about Rural Entrepreneurship : the Rural World Entrepreneurship Forum seeks to encourage learning through sharing of experiences, speakers talks and panel discussions. From Baramati, India, and around the world, you will be able to follow talks and even join the discussion through live social media tools. Questions from around the world will be answered by the speakers.

RWEF 2013 is the Rural Entrepreneurship’s milestone in 2013. Participants of RWEF 2013 will be directly in contact with grassroot partners – rural entrepreneurs engaged in rural and social entrepreneurship. However you can learn more about speakers at RWEF 2013 in the Speakers section, and follow them live and ask question even if you are not at the event !

Accelerating Rural Entrepreneurship Around the World : the purpose of RWEF 2013 is to gather and exchange the best practices in rural entrepreneurship. Those best practices will further be shared to improve standards of living in social areas. All key learning will be displayed as a white paper on the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum’s platform and on the website of the World Entrepreneurship Forum. Through mediatization and by inspiring participants and sharing best practices through our global network we aim at helping to empower hundreds and millions of the world’s underprivileged to become agents of their own development.



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