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Story : Bolivian housing with plastic bottles

April 6, 2013 in JWEF Newsfeed, Stories - No Comment

In one year, the production of plastic bottles… In one year, the production of plastic bottles requires millions of barrels of oil, according to The Earth Policy Institute. The transportation of bottled water from its source to stores releases thousands of tons of carbon dioxide and Americans alone purchase 29 billion bottles of water per [...]


Story : Rose Cameron from WAT-AAH!

April 6, 2013 in JWEF Newsfeed, Marketing Skills, Stories - No Comment

Rose Cameron (pictured below) deserves a great deal of respect for her entrepreneurialism and her commitment to helping improve our society. To help fight all of the health risks associated with soft drinks and other beverages marketed to children, Cameron decided to invent a brand of water marketed primarily to children.   One night, while watching her [...]